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We are proud breeders of hypo-allergenic Siberian kittens located in Georgia.

Siberian cats make great family pets considering they get along well with other pets and children.  Their dog-like personality is unlike any other cat breed!



We love sharing our Siberian cats and the Siberian cat breed with visitors!

General Description of the Siberian cat:  The Siberian is a medium-large cat with the overall appearance of excellent physical condition, strength and power, modified by a sweet facial expression. The general impression of the body is one of circles and roundness. Siberians are slow to mature, taking as long as 5 years to reach full maturity. Females are considerably smaller than males, and allowances should be made when comparing females and young cats to the standard.  Size is secondary to type.

Read the full TICA Siberian Cat Breed Standard pdf

Our cattery name is registered with CFA and TICA and licensed with the state of Georgia

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